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Woman reports possible attempted abduction in Spring Valley

A woman reported what she thought might be a possible attempted abduction in Spring Valley Friday, April 27 after a man approached her and her three children.

The woman, who was on a walk with her children near Newman Avenue and Central Street near the Spring Valley Emergency Services Building, said a man later identified as Stephen W. Gullixson, 65, Baldwin, approached them in a vehicle and offered her money as part of God’s work. She said he also allegedly asked to take a picture of the children.

The woman called 911 and provided a description of the suspect and his vehicle. According to a news release from Police Chief John DuBois, police made contact with the suspect at Second Street and Newman Avenue about 10 minutes after the initial 911 call. A time was not listed in the news release.

The man told police he was trying to help what he thought was a financially struggling mother with children; he said he tries to help people as part of serving God. He denied any ill intent toward the woman and her kids.

DuBois said he does not believe there to be a danger to the public; however, the investigation is ongoing.

Police also informed Spring Valley school administration of the incident.

The public is encouraged to immediately report any suspicious activity to the police and to obtain a good description of the person and vehicle.

According to Wisconsin court records, Gullixson was convicted of violating a restraining order and disorderly conduct in 2003 and domestic disorderly conduct in 2011.