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Pierce County sheriff's blotter

Cattle on the loose in Pierce County

• Deputies responded to a report of a pig on the roadway on Highway 10 by Prescott on April 23. The pig was located and put back in its pen.

• Deputies reported to 650th Street/State Highway 29 near River Falls for a report of cows on the roadway on April 23. When officers got there the cows were back in fence, but police did notify property owner that it was reported that cows had been out.

• Police responded to a complaint of pigs that have been loose for weeks at W167 170th Ave., Plum City on April 24. Owner has been contacted to contain his pigs.

Burglaries reported

• A burglary was reported at W8637 174th Ave. in Hager City on April 24.

• A burglary was reported at W7698 770th Ave., River Falls, on April 26.

• Police responded to County Trunk AA/20th Avenue, Maiden Rock on April 27 for a burglary that had happened earlier in the month.

Possible child abuse reported

A complainant reported possible child abuse to the sheriff's office on April 23. Photos were taken and forwarded to Children, Youth and Families Office; the complainant was instructed to contact the jurisdiction in which the incident allegedly happened.

Power pole fire

Power company was notified on April 23 after police responded to a possible power pole on fire at 490th Street/Wisconsin Highway 72; grass around the power pole was charred.

Dog bite in Prescott

A reported dog bite occurred at W11980 Highway 29, Prescott, on April 24. The victim went to Hudson Hospital and an order of quarantine was issued to the dog owner.

Attempted fraud in Maiden Rock

A woman in Maiden Rock reported possible fraud on April 25. She was texted and asked to give a person an Amazon gift card code so she could receive a large amount of money through a grant. The woman did not purchase a card or give out bank information.

Police advised to stay off owner's property

Police received a voice message on April 28 from Kevin Bryniarski, 59, Ellsworth, advising deputies to never step foot on his property without backup or a warrant after an officer had left a business card the previous day about an animal complaint from the United States Humane Society.


• Robert A. Rasmussen, Ellsworth, was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct after officer responded to report of assault on April 29.

• Scott E. Horstmann, 42, Hager City, was arrested on suspicion of domestic disorderly conduct and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated on April 29.


• Police responded to a verbal dispute at N3296 County Trunk K in Hager City on April 23. The parties were separated when police arrived.

• Police responded to N6002 Highway 63 in Beldenville on April 25 for a possible disorderly conduct. Upon arrival the male subject agreed to leave.

• A shooting complaint was made on April 27 in Ellsworth. Officers responded to a complaint of someone shooting firearms in the area but were unable to locate suspicious persons or observe any loud noises.


• Vehicles driven by Timothy R. Hovey, 59, Plum City, and William J. Sypniewski, 40, Maiden Rock, collided at 7:57 a.m. April 20 on County Road S in the town of Union. None of the occupants, including Hovey's passenger, Joanne K. Hewitt, 60, Plum City, were injured.

• Vehicle driven by William B. Schubert, 25, Prescott, lost control, struck an unoccupied parked vehicle owned by Kaley M. Anderson, Hudson, struck a sign post and continued on in traffic, striking a semi-trailer driven by Mario Mireles, 47, Las Vegas, at 9:41 p.m. April 2 on County Road F in the town of Clifton. No injuries were reported. Schubert was cited for driving too fast for conditions.

• Vehicle driven by Shawn D. Pettit, 55, Red Wing, lost control and spun; a vehicle driven by Kaitlynn N. Bennett, 27, Hager City, braked and collided with Pettit's vehicle on April 4 on State Highway 63. No injuries reported.

• Vehicle driven by Dani Lo Varea Nelson, 27, Willmar, Minn., lost control in icy conditions, hit a guardrail then came to rest against a tree on Highway 35 on April 9. Passenger Marco A. Delcon, 26, Willmar, Minn., had suspected minor injuries while no injuries were reported for the driver and other passengers, including Armando R. Canales, 55, Willmar, and Cesar D. G. Sanchez, 25, Willmar. Nelson was cited for failure to keep vehicle under control and operating without a valid license.

• Vehicle driven by Todd W. Kelly, 46, Spring Valley, went into a ditch on Foote Avenue on April 8. Kelly was transported by ground EMS for suspected serious injury. Kelly was cited for operating while intoxicated (5th or 6th).

• Vehicle driven by Brandon C Booth, 23, River Falls, crossed through the ditch on County Trunk M and came to rest in some trees on April 7. No injuries reported. Booth was cited for failure to keep vehicle under control, non-registration of auto, failure of operator to notify police of accident, and keep open intoxicants in MV-owner.

• Vehicle driven by Jeremy J. Furlong, 36, Bay City, was turning into driveway when vehicle driven by Tyvara C.S. Riley, 20, Maiden Rock, came over a hill and collided with Furlong's vehicle on April 5 on 385th Street. Riley said brakes locked up and she was unable to slow down. No injury.